A fantastic experience

How can I properly thank Jacob’s princesses for giving him the most incredible experience of his life? By all reports, including his, he had the best 21 days imaginable. Every picture I saw (and I’d love to see more!) showed him smiling. And the smiles were different from his regular grins – he had a […]

The Time of His Life

Today Marcy and I took the twins up to Jacob’s summer camp to see how he’s doing after 12 days away from us. We’ve been talking to him on the phone and texting Bracha daily, but we hadn’t seen him in ages. From the moment we got there till the time we left he was […]

Jacob’s report card

Jacob attended Ledbury Park Hebrew school on Tuesday afternoons after school during this past school year. He was placed in a classroom with typically-developing kids the same age as him. He had a great teacher and enjoyed coming to class each week.Contrary to the ignorant statement by a director of education at a local Hebrew […]

Jacob and his Princesses – from Canadian Jewish News – June 8 2009

Jacob and his princessesBy MARCY WHITE, Special to Monday, 08 June 2009“Have you lost your mind?” Megan shrieked into the phone after I told her about Jacob’s summer plans. My friend did not attempt to hide her disapproval, which was heightened when I told her three Orthodox Jewish teenagers would be responsible for his […]

Mother Knows Best – from Exceptional Parent – May 6, 2009

From EP Global Communications Mother Knows Best Posted in: Regular Story By Marcy White May 6, 2009 – 7:22:06 AM “I’ve never seen anything like this before” were the first words I remember a doctor stating the moment my son was born, as I listened to the donkey-like sound my son made. From where I […]

Great News for Over Expressers

No I don’t mean good news for bloggers or drama queens, I mean great news for PMD kids with duplications. Marcy and I just got back from Wilmington DE where we participated in the PMD Symposium at AI Dupont Hospital. The first day was action packed lectures given by several scientists describing their latest publications […]

Meeting Other Families

Andrew and I attended a PMD conference this past week where we had a chance to meet with some of the researchers and hear about the latest developments in the field. That’s what I expected. I also expected to meet some families who have kids with PMD. What I didn’t expect was to feel so […]

Proud Sponsors of the PMD Symposium April 17/18 2009

The PMD fund of Jacob’s Ladder is proud to sponsor the Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease Symposium A world where there is no PMD: How to get there through Research Friday and Saturday, April 17-18, 2009 — Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children Wilmington, DE Marcy and I are happy to sponsor the second PMD Symposium mid next […]

Sheltered from my son, by Marcy White

We’re very proud of Marcy for getting the following article published in today’s Globe and Mail, Sheltered from my son, by Marcy White March 2, 2009

It’s official. They are seizures.

I can’t say it came as a surprise, it’s something we’ve been wondering about for a long time. We even have the prescription for the medication all ready to go, but we were holding off, waiting for confirmation. It came. Today. Jacob has been having seizures. They aren’t the typical thrashing-around-just-like-in-the-movies kind of seizure. Nothing […]

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