Speech given by Marcy at Zareinu Golf Tournament May 29,2007

Like most parents, I love talking about my children so when Randy asked if I’d speak to you about my son, I welcomed the opportunity.  My son, Jacob, is an adorable 5 year old with a great sense of humor. Like most boys his age, he loves the rides at Canada’s Wonderland and funny noises. […]


How do you know when your child is in pain? Well, maybe we’re not the swiftest because it took us several weeks to figure out that Jacob was in pain all those difficult evenings. It’s a bit embarrassing how many smart people, parents, therapists, doctors, etc. it took to realize that Jacob was in pain […]

The best smile you’ve ever seen!

When Jacob laughs, those around him can’t help but laugh too.  Last week, when I came to school to pick him up, one of his teachers came running over to tell me that he said “Evey” as clear as a bell. Evey is a five year old girl who was Jacob’s first friend. Apparently Evey […]

Just When You Think We’re Getting Close

Today was another difficult day. Today we found out that Jacob’s EEG showed “epileptiform activity”. Not good. Why did Jacob even have this EEG you ask? That’s potentially even more distressing than the finding itself. You see we’ve been looking for local Canadian doctors to help us put together a protocol to try out this […]

After The Rush

Well, it’s a bit more than a week after Nightline aired our story. Jacob is doing much better now that his two ear infections have cleared up. In the past week we’ve had thousands of hits on our website and many, many very encouraging messages, emails etc. A number of people generously donated to the […]

Countdown to Nightline Airing Our Journey

Today Nightline posted a preview of the week’s stories. Click here to see a clip of Marcy and me. Early this morning we put a brief notice out on the news wire, CNN Matthews. Canadian Press will put something out on Wednesday and CBC TV will come to shoot Thursday. What a crazy week to […]

This Drug Might Help

Last October the first sick mice were given this new drug to see if it helped relieve their symptoms. Unfortunately, there was no significant indication that it helped. At least it did not seem to harm the mice either. After a while, the research team agreed to try higher dosages of this drug. A week […]

Nightline Interview

Just a few days before Nightline was scheduled to come interview Marcy and me we received incredible news from our research team at Wayne State. The drug we’re testing appears to have a noticeable effect on the sick mice! Before long we managed to download several video clips of our dear little mice. Of course […]

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