Lemonade stand

Last weekend I received the sweetest email from a friend telling me that her kids set up a lemonade stand and all proceeds were donated to curepmd! Thank you so much Al, Kate, Jack and Mia!!!

Jacob’s movie

Please watch, vote and spread the word about this amazing movie about Jacob. It was created by Danielle, a life guard at the pool where Jacob swims. It was entered into a contest to “bring visibility to disability”. It’s called Jacob – The Boy Who Can. Is that not the most appropriate way to describe […]

Happy Chanukah!

Jacob has been attending the same after-school Hebrew program for the past 5 years. A few weeks ago, each class performed a song for the families of the students. Jacob’s grade 5 class created their presentation on their own. The following video shows how these kids worked together so that Jacob could participate using his […]

Jacob and his iPod

Close Encounters with Science: Picks Jacob Speaks by Marcy White On December 3, 2012 6:29 AM It took eight years but I never gave up. Like most parents, I eagerly anticipated my child’s first words. Unlike most parents, I was told by doctors that my son would never talk. Despite Jacob’s many health and development […]

Advocacy Pays Off – CJN Article

              Mom’s advocacy pays off: disabled boy attends class Frances Kraft, Staff Reporter, The Canadian Jewish News, Friday, November 2, 2012   TORONTO — Two weeks ago, on Oct. 20, 10-year-old Jacob Trossman began to attend Elkhorn Public School three full days a week, after seven months of advocacy […]

Jacob is now at Elkhorn!

I never doubted I would write this post. I am astounded, though, that it took so long to get here. Jacob completed his first week at Elkhorn! It was the hardest battle I’ve ever fought, but it was worth it because he is exactly where he should be. Being a parent is hard but being […]

Words Are Powerful

Here is a great presentation from a woman who has proven her doctors wrong. Not only did she learn how to walk, she broke records at the Paraolympic Games in 1996. She explains how the words doctors and teachers use to describe and label kids can have a positive (or negative) impact on how much […]

Jacob’s Hero Award

Kids Can Be Amazing

The following article appeared in the Globe and Mail a few days ago and the writer describes how kids are drawn to her son. Her story is very similar to my experiences with Jacob and his typically-developing peers: What I’ve learned about the compassion of children Carmen G. Farrell The Globe and Mail Published Monday, […]

Latest commentary from Menzoid in the Morning

We haven’t given up our struggle to get Jacob into the school where he belongs. David Menzies hasn’t given up either:

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